Treasure the Earth

You must be wondering why many people or many organizations hold events and many campaigns or projects for the environment. The answer is simple and easy. The Earth is not ours, we are only living in it as it was created for us to live in, not to own. And for that matter, everyone should know that they have to take part in taking care of it, not waste its resources and damage it until it falls apart slowly in front of our own eyes, or take it for granted. No, the Earth was not created to be treated badly or abused by people in their desire for its resources.

Now, the reasons why many people gather to take actions for these issues are simply because of the nonstop advantages that we all get from the environment. We know that we are not the only ones who are concerned for the Earth that we are living in, and we know that we can also receive help from various concerned citizens. As such, Earth Treasury started this organization in order to create events, campaigns, and projects we can do to care for the environment, maintain its resources, avoid taking advantage of it or damaging it further. Slowly, this small organization took its time in creating its own place and finding a space where they can plan the future ahead of them. With a help of one of the members and with A1 Garage Door Service in Prescott, we were able to finally decide on what action we must do first in order to realize our mission.

Treasure the Earth | nature, earth, forest

So many people encouraged us and supported us all throughout even though there are some people who thought it was such a waste of time, to even think about making these projects for the place we are living in. But, we never let their negativity affect our own mindsets. We wanted to help the Earth as much as we could and do everything we can. This is why we pushed many projects and made it become successful through our hard work and dedications. However, it was also thanks to everyone who supported our organization. It led us to much bigger campaigns and events, going to other places and delivering our thoughts to all of them. Giving various speeches and raising awareness that everyone deserves or must work with us to help save the planet.


Fortunately, simple projects such as recycling, reusing, cleaning the environment or making sure we do not let it become a waste or trash, became successful and led us to bigger projects. Last year, we held a campaign for “environmentally-friendly” products which were also a great opportunity for the other organizations and companies who support this idea. However, this only didn’t help them to gain recognition, they were also able to voice out their opinions and support to organizations like us. And the common goals we have is only to protect and treasure the world as we know it.