Daniel K.

It was so nice to know that there are still a lot of people who care about the environment and our nature. I’m a big fan of organizations like this one and I am more than willing to help at any cost. This is why I am planning to join Earth Treasury as soon as possible. I hope I can be a great help in the future!

Gina R.

Daniel, hi! You’re right, it was actually nice to see projects and campaigns like this organization has. I’ve been worrying about nature as well just like many others and thinking of ways to contribute to its management and preservation as shown in Earth Treasury’s campaigns. I’m planning to join as a volunteer soon. I hope I can be a great help and be a part of the group that treasures the Earth.

Shiela F.

Hello, Daniel and Gina! I’m a part of Earth Treasury organization and I see you’ve been planning to join the group. It’s so good to know that many people still want to join and be a part of us. I’m just here to tell you that you are more than welcome in the organization and that we are just waiting for you to talk to us about it. We will make sure to anticipate your membership soon!

Daniel K.

Hi, Shiela and Gina! Thank you for replying to my post! It’s an honor to meet the people who are also interested in the preservation of nature’s resources. It was actually hard to find people who think the same as me since I feel that most of them don’t even care about the place they are living in. But here, I find people to very nice and helpful. It makes me more excited to be a part of this group!