Hi, I’ve always wondered if I can see or review your past activities and projects on this website? If yes, where and how can I read or see them?

Hello, thank you for visiting our website. Yes, you can always review our past activities and projects if ever you are interested in them. To see them all, just go to the ‘projects’ tab on the top part of this section. You can view our past and present campaigns and advocacies. You can also see the future activities we will be doing because we will be posting updates about it.

I always wanted to be a part of this organization, however, I don’t know if you have any memberships. If you do, can you tell me how to join?

Thank you for wanting to be a part of our group, of course, we do have memberships and we most certainly welcome anyone who is willing to be one of us. If you want to join, just send us a message regarding the membership or meet us personally in our office so we can discuss. You are always welcome to visit us

Do you accept donations for your organization?

Donations are actually the last thing we do ask from people. We request that you volunteer with us first and see how we work. But if you cannot spare the time, donations are welcome as it will help us improve our services and contribute to our projects and advocacies. Feel free to donate whatever amount you can spare for our advocacy. No matter how big or small, we truly appreciate your efforts.

Can I be notified if ever someone answers my post in the forum?

Yes, you will be notified when someone replies to your post in the forum section as long as you give your email address.