About Us

Earth Treasury is an organization that advocates the wellness of our environment and nature

Earth Treasury is an organization that advocates the wellness of our environment and nature. We all know how much people take advantage of this place we are living in, and so many people are also worried about it. The Earth is not a place for us to take advantage of, but it was given to us so we can have a place to live in, and it is only our responsibility to maintain its wellness like how we maintain our own health. It is our responsibility to keep it alive as much as it keeps us alive in return. This place is not ours, it’s merely a gift that we should appreciate and take care of.

With this mindset, the group of people who created the organization really pushed the idea and plans to campaign and create numerous projects for the environment. Fortunately, many people are also willing to join and support the projects. The group is more than happy to receive such great assistance from many people who gave them an opportunity to be heard. They did hold many events that allowed them to voice out their mission, educate other people about the issues, and most especially, persuade others to be a help for the environment.

It was such a great and satisfying thing to do, to go to different places, advocate for greater things, and make campaigns for a good cause. Earth Treasury was also happy to take part in these events since they were able to let other people be open-minded about the environment’s maintenance and preserve it for the future and the next generation. This organization only hopes that many people would pay attention to the issues that affect the Earth. It is always important to make sure that we do our responsibility and treasure the Earth for it is the place that serves as our home.